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Dr. Joan Bachorik Reopens $40 Oneonta Walk in Clinic

Thirty four years of providing healthcare to patients caused Dr. Joan Bachorik of Oneonta, New York, to reopen her unusually revolutionary walk in clinic. Bachorik charges patients only $40 for access to healthcare regardless of insurance status and ability to pay for services. The practice operates from its 37 Dietz St location, requires no appointment, and is dedicated to the genuine mission to help people.

Bachorik, a board certified graduate from the University of Chicago's Prizker School of Medicine, recently offered a statement to Oneonta's The Daily Star regarding her unique approach and return to medicine following a two year hiatus. She said: "I think it's a service, to provide a service that's affordable for many in a simple, approachable format to get immediate health care. I'm not looking to make this into a profitable business any more. I did that already." In fact, she has returned payments to patients who needed the money more than she did. In the Star interview, Dr. Bachorik offered the fact that she would not charge at all if it wasn't for "malpractice [insurance] and so forth."

Patients travel from across New York State, from the reaches of large cities like Albany and smaller towns like Richfield Springs to access everything from a second opinion to a diagnosis of illness or other health concerns. Bachorik's clinic has even drawn the attention of non-patients who have offered their support for her mission with monetary donations from as far away as Nevada and New Jersey. Her office is open part time on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and covers all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis, and, of course, treatment of a broad range of diseases, conditions, and disorders. Her healthcare delivery approach is one which could inspire other physicians to reconsider their approach as well.

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