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Dr. Laura Schlessinger Quits Radio After Racial Slurs

In the wake of extremely controversial racial remarks being made by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a Radio host, the intensity of the issue went on to make sure that she quit her show. Dr. Laura Schlessinger appeared on CNN in an interview with Larry King and spoke about the issue that led to her resignation from her position on Radio. Dr. Laura Schlessinger confirmed the rumors of her leaving her Radio program once the year ends.
Dr. Laura Schlessinger has been hosting her show for the past 30 years and the racial slurs will be ending an illustrious career. Dr. Laura Schlessinger would not be renewing her contract at the end of the year hence bidding adieu to Radio world.
The whole racial controversy started when Dr. Laura Schlessinger tried to comfort a caller who was upset about her relatives making racial and insensitive remarks about her. Dr. Laura Schlessinger went on to use the N-word 11 times in a span of 5 minutes in order to solve the problem of the woman and make her at ease.
Dr. Laura Schlessinger issued a public apology after various channels and blogs started a discussion on how her response was very “racist” and inappropriate. Now, we find out that Dr. Laura Schlessinger has put an effective end to her show.

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