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Dr. Sam Wickline's Bee Venom to Stop HIV/AIDS

Dr. Sam Wickline of Washington University Medical School in St. Louis, Missouri, is the recipient of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant for his research using bee venom to stop the transmission of HIV/AIDS.

Wickline received the $100,000 Grand challenges Explorations grant for devising a new vaginal antiviral contraceptive gel. The gel specifically targets sperm cells and the HIV virus. The gel contains nanoparticles comprised of sythetic lipids that attract the sperm and HIV cells and then the "nanobees" or nanoparticles derived from toxic bee venom destroys the cells and virus.

Wickline issued a statement from Washington University's website which read: "The idea is to trick each to fuse with a synthetic Trojan Horse - a nanoparticle that will overwhelm sprem and HIV in numbers and in destructive power."

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