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Duke "Rape" Victim Crystal Gail Magnum Charged With Attempted Murder

The 2006 rape trial of the three Duke University Lacrosse players that culminated with Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong's disbarring and the victim's revocation of the rape claim entirely is making headlines once again. The alleged victim, Crystal Gail Magnum is back in the spotlight after the post 2006 trial that she admitted "she was no longer sure whether anyone had sex with her." She was released from the case with no charges. The Duke atheletes reputations were tarnished and they were dispelled from Duke.

Magnum, a stripper, was not so lucky escaping charges after the Durham, North Carolina resident was involved in a domestic dispute. Her boyfriend, Milton Walker, made a frantic 911 call after Magnum attempted to stab him. The police responded immediately and found Magnum "out of control," assaulting Walker, and vehemently yelling "I am going to stab you [expletive]." Magnum then put all of her boyfriend's clothes in the bathtub and attempted to set them on fire.

Magnum is the mother of three children, ages 3, 9, and 10. Police confirm the kids were at home at the time of the incident but were not injured. Police reported Magnum resisted arrest and falsified her age and name, calling herself Marella.

The official charges against Magnum are: attempted first degree murder, five counts of arson, assault, child abuse, and more.

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