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Dylan Penn Hesitant to Continue Romance With Robert Pattinson?

Oh no say it isn't so!! Reports from US Weekly state an unknown source close to model Dylan Penn and actor Robert Pattinson spilled that the 22 year old daughter of Shawn Penn and Robin Wright is hesitant to continue the romance! [Insert sad, sad face here].

The source stated that Dylan "doesn't want to be known as Rob's girlfriend" and wants to forge her own path as herself, unattached to Pattinson's huge fame. Additionally, it could be assumed Dylan has some commitment and deep rooted privacy issues since the source revealed: "she's afraid to get serious with him and lose her privacy." Which is likely a good thing. Pattinson is in no shape to have any sort of serious relationship at this point since he is fresh off a split with his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart. A source close to him offered: "Rob isn't ready to be exclusive with anyone right now. He's just enjoying himself."

Which is good. The actor went through some pretty tough stuff in his last relationship and a light, good time is all he needs to heal his wounds.

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