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Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles

An earthquake rattled Los Angeles, California on Tuesday. The 4.4-magnitude earthquake did not cause any major damages or injuries. The epicenter of the quake originated near Pico Rivera, 12 miles southeast of L.A. at 4:04 a.m. and occurred at a depth of 11 miles.

Residents within the area reported "some items fell off shelves and tables." The Santa Ana Freeway, also known as Interstate 5, was damaged as a result of the quake. Two southbound lanes of the freeway were "buckled" and the damaged sections of the highly travelled road was closed down. Authorities expect severe traffic problems and delayed morning commutes as a result of the lane closures.

The Los Angeles County fire stations performed a standard check of the county's facilities and established that no serious damages resulted from the quake. L.A. County fire official Ed Pickett assured that all ten of the county's stations have reported "they felt it, but are not reporting any damage. It just seemed to be a significant jolt. But no damage, knock on wood.”

Pickett also reported that the quake felt "kind of like the building dropped." and that he felt the tremblor for "15 seconds at the most.” Reports from the USGS maintain Pickett's sentiment, with over 1,000 people reporting the same information, The quake was small in terms of it's magnitude on the Richter scale but huge in terms of the area it affected. Much of Southern California felt the quake.

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