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Earthquakes in Canada and Northeastern U.s.

Earthquakes in Canada and parts of the Northeastern United States rattle residents on June 23, 2010.  At 1:42 p.m. a 5.5. magnitude quake occurred along the Ontario-Quebec border.  The U.S. Geological Survey reports the epicenter of the quake was located 38 miles north of Ottawa, Ontario at a depth of 12 miles.  The preliminary magnitude was 5.0 and reportedly large enough to be felt by many.  Canadian officials reportedly evacuated major buildings in Toronto and Ottawa in response to the 30 second tremblor.  Government offices in Gatineau, Quebec were also evacuated.  No immediate damages or injuries resulting from the quake were reported in the area.

Residents in Vermont, upstate New York, Ohio, Michigan, Ohio, Pennyslvania, West Virginia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Indiana reported feeling the ground shake. 

Historically, earthquakes within the Western Quebec Seismic Zone rarely cause damage.  Three or fall small earthquakes rattle the region yearly though most are too small to be felt.  The largest quake registered 150 miles northwest of Ottawa, Ontario, in 1935 with a magnitude 6.1 at a depth of 150 miles.  


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