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Edith "Jackie" Ronne, First Woman to Explore Antarctica, Passed Away Today

Edith “Jackie” Ronne, the first woman to explore Antarctica, passed away today. She was 89.

At the age of 28, Ronne followed her husband, Finn Ronne, an explorer, on an expedition to Antarctica in 1947. She was the first woman ever to brave the winter season of Antarctica, along with Canadian Jennie Darlington. Ronne's goal for the expedition was to write her adventures for the North American Newspaper Alliance and New York Times.

Ronne is often described as"Antarctica's First Lady." Ronne had a history degree from George Washington University that provided her with the skills to chronicle the adventures she shared with the expedition team during their "winter over." Norwegian Caroline Mikkelsen was the first woman to set foot on the continent in 1935.

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