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Ejup Ganic Arrested

Ejup Ganic, former president of Bosnia, was arrested Monday. Police made the arrest at London's Heathrow Airport in relation to alleged war crime charges. The Serbian Government issued an extradition warrant for the sixty three year old. He was accused of "conspiracy to murder wounded soldiers in breach of the Geneva Convention" United Kingdow Police reported. Ganic will appear at a magistrates' court after the Metropolitan Police extradition unit arrested him at 1400 GMT.

Ganic is also a founder and current president of Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. He is a professor of engineering science. He was President of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1997 to 1999 and also from 2000 to 2001. He formerly served as the vice president. He is a member of the Party of Democratic Action.

Ganic has written over 100 publications, including the "Handbook of Heat Transfer Fundamentals," "Experimental Heat Transfer," and "Engineering Turbulence Modeling and Measurements." Ganic also authored "Engineering Companion" in 2002, which was published by McGraw-Hill.

Ganic has taught in U.S. colleges as well. Ganic has worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Union Carbide Corporation-Linde Division in New York City, New York University, and University of Chicago, University of Illinois, UNIS Institute, and at Lomonosov Moscow State University, as a professor, lecturer, and researcher. He is also a participating member of the American Nuclear Society.

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