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El Paso Inmate Escapes in Dumpster, Found Crushed at Landfill

An El Paso inmate escapes in dumpster and is found crushed at nearby landfill. U.S. Marshal Robert Almonte issued a statement on Friday, July 9, 2010 reporting that the body of thirty year old federal inmate Carlos Roberto Medina-Bailon was found at the Sunland Park, New Mexico dump having escaped from a downtown El Paso prison via a dumpster.   Almonte stated that Medina-Bailon's body, clad in the blue county jumpsuit and rubber boots required of cafeteria workers at the jail, was apparently crushed to death upon escape.

Medina-Bailon was a Mexico native held for drug related charges at the El Paso prison.  Sheriff Richard Wiles from the local sheriff's department reports that Medina-Bailon was a kitchen worker within the jail.  Wiles reports that Medina-Bailon dodged two on duty corrections officers and security cameras by hiding in the trash.  Wiles stated to an El Paso area newspaper "we believe he managed to hide in the trash and was able to get into an area which at some point became unsecured when the gates were opened to allow vehicles in and out of the facilities, and that's how he escaped." Wiles furthered he was "surprised" other inmates hadn't tried the same tactics to evade officials and jail time.  Wiles believes the facility's waste management removal policy assisted in Medina-Bailon's escape.  Wiles stated that two years ago the facilty changed from small garbage cans to large dumpsters but security procedures were never changed to accomodate.   The sheriff's office maintains that Medina-Bailon did not have a criminal history of violence but was connected to people who did.

Wiles also offered he believed Medina-Bailon was attempting to return to Mexico upon his escape.

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