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Electro Lube Refiner Purchased by Bp From Kevin Costner's Oil

The Electro Lube Refiner has been purchased by BP from actor/environmentalist Kevin Costner's design.   BP has teamed with Kevin Costner to develop the electro lube refiner using a centrifuge unit to separate oil from water.  Costner and his chief partner John Houghtaling, have donated over $25 million dollars toward the purchase of 32 of the electro lube refiner devices for use in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.  Costner met with Congress and expressed his frustration in not being allowed access to areas in the spill.  Costner testified to Congress at a Wednesday, June 30. 2010 hearing:  "We would offer to take our machines out there but we couldn't get onto the spots because the Coast Guard would regulate that we couldn't get there."

The electro lube refiners cost an estimated $500,000 dollars to construct and additional charges related to hiring seacraft to deploy the device at sea.  Houghtaling hopes that the refiners will not only assist in cleaning up the Gulf disaster but future deployment of increased devices could shorten the six month   Houghtaling said that in addition to providing clean-up duty in the gulf, deployment of even more of the devices could aid in shortening the six-month suspension and moratorium on drilling in the Gulf.  Houghtaling hopes that the electro lube refiners could ultimately be deployed as in safety devices on all deep water drilling rigs.  

Houghtaling revealed in a recent interview that "in a matter of weeks, we can be manufacturing ten of these a week.  So we're hoping by the first of August to have all 32 of these things in the Gulf."  


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