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Eli Manning Gets Seriously Injured Spewing Lots of Blood

 Eli Manning got seriously injured whilst playing in a preseason game that was played against the Jets last night. Blood was spewing from the forehead of Eli Manning and greatly worried his fans. Eli Manning suffered a serious blow when teammate Brandon Jacobs knocked his helmet loose in the fourth-down play. As if the blow from Brandon was not enough, Eli Manning got struck by Calvin Pace, Jets Linebacker, which further loosened his helmet and he ended up colliding with another Jets defender and hurt himself severely in the process.

Eli Manning injury caused the crowd to panic when blood started oozing out of his forehead onto his face. Eli Manning was escorted from the field by the emergency helpers and was rushed to the hospital. Eli Manning received stitches for his three-inch wound on his forehead. The videos and photos of the killer hit that made Eli Manning go all bloody are available on the internet.

The Giants Quarterback, Eli Manning, is the younger brother of Peyton Manning. The opening game where the accident took place was conducted at the New Meadowlands Stadium where both the New York Teams were playing against each other.

Eli Manning is recovering from his injury in peace now.


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