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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving the View for Fox & Friends

It's official: after over one year of rumors, Elisabeth Hasselback has confirmed she is leaving the view and taking over Gretchen Carlson's spot on Fox & Friends. The thirty six year old Republican's ten year reign as one of the more controversial hosts of the hit ABC morning talk show is one fraught with great debates, interesting interviews, and a stronghold in her political beliefs.

Hasselbeck's last appearance on the show was Wednesday, July 11, 2013 during which she offered a tearful goodbye and expressed her gratitude for the experience. During the morning's Hot Topics, following and arm-in-arm-with-Barbara-Walters entrance on to the set and a brief confirmation of Hasselbeck's departure by Barbara herself, Hasselbeck announced: "I'm happy and excited to confirm that I'll be joining the Fox & Friends team in September."

Hasselbeck offered a goodbye address to The View's cast, crew, producers, and "everyone behind the scenes" in her parting speech. It was so good that Joy Behar (who is leaving the show in August) quipped: "Can I borrow that speech when I leave?" But it was Walters' statement: "You're leaving us and you're taking a lot of love with you" which captured the heart of those who worked with Hasselbeck at NBC and those who watched her as well.

Good luck, Hasselbeck!

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