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Emily Hodulik, 6, Attacked by Coyotes in Rye, Ny

Emily Hodulik, a six year old was attacked by coyotes in Rye, New York, on Friday June 25, 2010.  Hodulik was playing outside of her LaSalle Avenue home during a picnic when neighbors from across the street heard the little girl screaming.  When people responded to Hodulik's screams, they found coyotes running her down and biting her.  Hodulik was transported to a Greenwich, Connecticut hospital and treated for non life threatening bite wounds covering most of her body.  Doctors released Hodulik on Friday evening.

Authorities have searched for the pair of coyotes since the Hodulik attack.  Authorities warned residents in the neighborhood to be on alert and exercise caution if they see coyotes near. Authorities believe that the attack was an isolated incident, atypical of normal coyote behavior.  Residents report that the coyotes in the area have grown increasingly bold in recent months. Many of the residents expressed concern about letting their children play outside following the coyote attack.

Coyotes are common in Westchester County though anyone who observes a coyote in the area is asked to call officials at 914-967-1234.

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