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Eminem Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Rapper Eminem was featured in the Chrysler 200 Super Bowl XLV commercial. Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, drove the Chrysler through Detroit, near his hometown of Warren, Michigan, a the suburb of Motor City.

The three minute spot featured strong narration, posing: "I got a question for you, what does this city know about luxury? What does a town that has been to hell and back know about the finer things of life." As Eminem wound through the city, his song "Lose Yourself" pumped through the background. The ad shifted with Eminem exiting the vehicle, entering under the landmark Fox Theater with the marquee reading "Keep Detroit Beautiful," and standing before a choir. Eminem's final words ended the ad with "This is the motor city and this is what we do."
To see the Chrysler commercial:

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