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Eminem Offers Interview to Annie Reed, 8th Grader From East Hills Middle School in Troy NY

Rapper Eminem offers his first interview since October 2010 to Annie Reed, an East Hills Middle School 8th grader from Troy, NY. The fourteen year old landed the opportunity of her life so far February 3 when the Detroit megastar answered a series of questions for her first foray in journalism. The article will be published in the East Hills Middle school newspaper, the Cavalier Corner, on February 22, 2011.

Reed landed the exclusive, one on one interview with Eminem from her Troy living room via telephone at 6 p.m just over one week ago. The interview followed a seven week newspaper academic extension class beginning early this year. Annie's instructor, Kenny Gechter, agreed to allow Annie to write a biography about Eminem for the class with the stipulation that she interviews him firsthand. Annie followed Gechter's advice to email and call Eminem's handlers in an attempt to reach the rapper. On January 13, Annie made contact with Eminem's manager, Dennis Dennehy, via an email. Three weeks later Annie's phone rang and Eminem asked "Hey, Annie, how are you doing?" After ten minutes of exchanging small talk, Annie asked the important questions: how living in Detroit shaped Eminem, what music the rapper listened to when he was her age, how he began his career in music, and what song is his favorite to perform.

Eminem also offered Annie sage advice, prefaced with "[I'm] just a big dummy" for not finishing his education and reinforced how important having an education is.
Eminem also candidly admitted his mistakes, including the dangers of drug abuse and the advantages of sobriety.

Of the interview, Annie offered: "He grew up in Detroit, he's one of the greatest rappers of all time, and I thought it would be fun to write about him."

For more: Detroit Free Press

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