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Eminem Wants to Shield Justin Bieber From Future "Trouble"

White rapper and music industry giant Eminem wants to shield Justin Bieber from future "trouble" and get the teen crooner into therapy STAT! Or at least that is what the latest juice making headlines says...and Em's not the first to want to save the Biebs.

Reports suggest that the forty one year old "Berzerk" singer extended an invitation to the 19 year old in an attempt to help. Em would like Justin to stay with him at his Detroit home over the holidays to get the kid back on track in terms of his priorities and career. A source close to the situation revealed to the UK's The Sun: "[Eminem's] really hoping he can sort Justin out. The way he's going he's worried he's going to end up in really bad trouble."

Eminem "cares about that kid [Bieber]" and is tentatively watching the young man's decline as he parties his life away, insults fans, and loses his grip. Em has even dangled the proverbial carrot before the stubborn Biebs per the Sun's source who stated: "Eminem would consider going into the studio with him if he sorts himself out, which would be a dream come true for Justin."

Can you IMAGINE the enormity of a collaboration between this pair?

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