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Emma Watson Is Single

Congrats to all of the free men of the world! Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson is officially single. The twenty three year old English actress announced that she and her longtime beau Will Adamowicz are no longer together. And more interestingly, they've not been together for quite some time.

Watson's rep confirmed the split via an interview with the UK's The Mirror. The official word was published on Sunday, January 5, 2014 and it read: "Emma and Will Separated last summer and are no longer in touch." Though no reason was mentioned, many believe that Emma's age may have contributed to the break up since she and her former boyfriend have been together since their college days at Oxford during 2011.

As for Emma's romantic life, a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres yielded a stern warning to potential suitors. She dished a little girl talk on the Ellen show and offered her take on the differences between American men and their tendencies to be "open and straightforward" while their English counterparts are "very restrained" yet "very well put together."

And if you're a hot blooded single guy reading this, don't open with "Are you the girl from Harry Potter?" since, in Emma's words "the very worst are those" who start with that line.

Enjoy your freedom, young lady!

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