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Ena Mallett First Female to Reach the 7th Dan in Spirit Combat International Ju-Jitsu

Ena Mallett is the first female to reach the seventh dan in Spirit Combat International ju-jitsu.  The award is rare for any martial artist, particularly when the recipient is a seventy seven year old female. Spirit Combat is based in self defense and combines fighting styles from boxing, judo, and karate. 

Mallet is one of very few people who have ever recieved the seventh dan belt in Spirit Combat.  Mallett is an instuctor of mixed martial arts who claimed the award by tossing other fighters over her shoulder, grappling, and even placing holds on her opponents who eventually tapped out of the match.  Mallet has trained in the martial arts since 1979 when, as she stated in a recent interview: "when I started karate back in 1979 we had to train for 6 hours without any water."

Mallet is not only an expert in martial arts from the United Kingdom in Norfolk.  When Mallet is not practicing martial arts, she is also a is a teacher at the Fairhaven Primary School in South Walsham, England. 

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