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Energizer® Launches the AAAA Battery

At CES 2009, Energizer® has announced the release of a new smaller type of battery for compact devices. The AAAA alkaline battery, which they refer to as the Quad A, is smaller, thinner and lighter than the standard AAA and designed as a power source for light and compact contemporary electronic devices such as Bluetooth® headsets and flash audio players.

Due to its small size and light weight, the AAAA batteries offer more flexibility in product design and companies will not be forced to make compromises with the size of their products.

The Quad A battery is further evidence that our world continues down the path of miniaturization and transparency in the energy industry. One of the biggest complaints from consumers about products is typically associated with the bulk and awkwardness of power sources. Today Energizer® has addressed this issue with its new line of battery technology.

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