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Epa Proposing Safe Limits for Dioxin Exposure

EPA holding public hearings to propose safe limits for dioxin exposure.  EPA has found that women exposed to dioxin pass it on to their unborn babies and not only plastic bottles omit the carcinogen.  In 2009, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned mothers who fed their babies formula with plastic bottles the harmful effect of dioxin, causing a surge in glass bottle use.  This year, the EPA announced that nursing infants ingest 77 percent more dioxin than officials believe is safe because nursing women eat meat, dairy, and shellfish which contain the common pollutant.

Dioxin is linked to endocrine disorders, increased cancer rates, heart disease, endometriosis, thyroid and testosterone hormone deficiencies, and and may perhaps contribute to diabetes.  The EPA began studying the harmful effects of dioxin exposure in the 1970's and believe that a host of diseases could be prevented by reducing the amount of dioxin infants injest and are exposed to before their first birthdays. 

The EPA also noted that adults are exposed to 1200 times the recommended safe exposure and that tightening safety standards will dramatically improve health for the young and the old.

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