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Eric Massa Accused of "Snorkeling"

Former Republican senator Eric Massa is back in the spotlight after reports of "snorkeling" have surfaced the scandalous politican. Seems that former Congressman has been outed by men who served beside him during his Navy career. Men who served in the Navy beside Massa have come forward claiming that Massa made "unwanted advances toward subordinates" including the practice of "snorkeling." "Snorkeling" per the Urban Dictionary involves "placing your testicles over the eyes of your partner, forming a mask." Massa allegedly attempted the "snorkel" manuever on Peter Clarke's roommate Tom Maxfield during the time the pair served with Massa in the Navy. Clarke maintains "Tom lived on upper bunk ... When you're on ship, you're almost exhausted 24-7. So a lot of times you sleep with your uniform on. Tom and Massa shared a stateroom together. Massa climbed up on the top of his bunk, which is hard to do—you never crawl up on somebody else's bunk. He wakes up to Massa undoing his pants trying to snorkel him."

Reports from the "Atlantic" magazine allege that Navy veterans who served with Massa maintain that Massa frequently groped subordinates, touched other men inappropriately, and often gave unwelcomed "Massa Massages" to fellow ship mates. Stuart Borsch, a Navy vet who served with Massa, reported "In 1990, aboard the U.S.S. Jouett, I was awakened when a senior officer, Lt. Commander Massa, seemed to be groping me. (I was a lieutenant at the time.) I believe he may have been drinking. I shouted at him and he left. I mentioned the incident to several other officers. I did not officially report it."

Massa is facing a formal ethics investigation by the Ethics Committee of Congress after reports from male staff members claim he "groped" them. Massa resigned from his his senatorial seat last week under the guise of "health issues."

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