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"Facebook Breaks" on the Top of Many to Do Lists for 2013

One out of four users of the world's largest social network have decided to place "Facebook breaks" on the top of their "to-do" lists for 2013 per a Pew Internet Project study. It seems the study found that over 30 percent of Facebook users have decided to cut back on the amount of time they spend peeking, posting, and poking their friends due to time restraints, lack of interest, and the never-ending gossip circle the site feeds.

The Pew study found that many people listed cutting down on their Facebook usage as their number four resolution following the new year. Director of the Pew Internet Project, Lee Rainie, offered a statement regarding the data with "People are trying to make new calibrations in their life to accommodate new social tools." Rainie went on to offer that 28 percent of the study's respondents felt Facebook was not nearly as important to them as it had been in the year previous and that 35 percent of respondents indicated they'd spend much less time on the site than they had just one year ago.

As for the future of Facebook use, the Pew study found over 70% of users do not plan to make any changes regarding the amount of time they spend with the site. Despite this, most users seek to find a balance between how much they rely on their digital networking via Facebook and their real-life social connections. Rainie offered: "For some, the central calculation is how they spend their time. For others, it's more of a social reckoning as they ask themselves, 'What are my friends doing and thinking and how much does that matter to me?' They are adding up pluses and minuses on a kind of networking balance sheet and they are trying to figure out how much they get out connectivity vs. how much they put into it."

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