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Facebook Email Release at Web 2.0 Summit

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg is expected to release details regarding a new email feature at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Fransisco, California, today. The new Facebook Email Service will function much like Google's Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail in a web based format available to over 500 million Facebook users and non-users as well. The Facebook Email Service will rival Google's Gmail but is expected to dominate all email in terms of popularity and personalization. Facebook Email is expected to be spam free and provide verifiable identities for users to allow more control of email accounts. The updated Facebook Email features is also rumored to allow Facebook users to chat with non-Facebook email accounts.

The Facebook team has enlisted Baul Bucheit, former Google Gmail creator, for development of their latest email service. The Facebook Email Service news follows AOL's disclosure of Project Phoenix, a new version of AOL mail.

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