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Facebook Offers Free Voice Calling to iPhone Users

The world's largest social network, Facebook, unveiled a new feature on Wednesday, January 15, 2012 for its iPhone users within the U.S. and Canada: free voice calling. As the company has expanded its "new" mobile frontier, this product is another sign of progress for Facebook and technology as they mingle toward new horizons. Some speculate the service, which is free at this point, may extend through the Android market and eventually the World Wide Web.

The new Messenger app allows iPhone to iPhone calls as long as both mobile devices have the app just by selecting the Facebook friend. It also allows users to chat with groups, send free text, send voice messages, share photos, and receive push notifications. Users may include their location and know who has viewed the messages they send. Best of all, the calls can be carried over WiFi, 3G, 4G, or LTE connections and will automatically update (as well as crunch time from your data plan.)

Some even suspect the reveal of the messenger app is preparation for Facebook's biggest mobile launch yet: the long rumored Facebook phone. Check back for more soon!

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