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Facebook User From Oak Park River Forest High School Ranked 50 Girls' Appearance and Promiscuity

A male student from the Oak Park River Forest High School in Illinois ranked 50 girls on Facebook by listing humiliating details of their appearance and promiscuity. The student was suspended following media complaints offered to CBS News 2 from one of the girl's mothers.

The mother and one student alleges that the male distributed a list of "racial slurs, hateful comments, and [references] to alleged promiscuity" on the world's largest social network. The list included descriptions of the girls, ranked on appearance and sexual activities, with nicknames like "New Queen," "Fallen Angel," "Blond Bombshell," and "The Hangover." Additionally, the male dispensed paper copies of the list throughout the Oak Park River Forest High School. The school has yet to formally address the incident via the media but addressed the incident on its website, by suspending the male while awaiting disciplinary review. The male could be expelled.

The principal at the school posted on the site: "The school does not tolerate bullying, slurs, sexual harassment, or demeaning behavior."

Many of the girls on the list are "thoroughly offended" yet the male has found applause from hundreds of his classmates. The incident is the second of its kind, as the third year male student had previously made a similar list during his freshman year at the school.

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