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The Falmouth Road Race 2010 Details!

 With so many road races happening, one would think they are all for professional runners but that is not the case. The Falmouth Road Race 2010 is being held just for fun and encourages people to run just for the enjoyment bit. The Falmouth Road Race is held every year on Cape Cod and it has an attendance that is unbelievable. Understandably so, the prize money involved is in excess of $90,300 for the winner.

The Falmouth Road Race 2010 is going to be held on a breathtakingly beautiful seven mile course that runs from Woods Hole to Falmouth and is an amazing event to attend. The Falmouth Road Race was initially conceived by a professional runner from Boston by the name of Tommy Leonard. The idea of Falmouth Road Race occurred to him when the runner saw the expertise of the winner of 1972 Olympics Games and convinced him to run in Cape Cod. The very next year, about 100 runners competed in the Falmouth Road Race.

It is not surprising that the Falmouth Road Race is considered to be one of the best non-marathon races in the United States of America. Ensuring attendance from the best athletes in the world, the race is fun and exciting. You should definitely think about attending the Falmouth Road Race 2010.


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