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Fat Tueday Celebrations

Today is Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday by the United States and Europe. Other countries call Mardi Gras the "Tuesday of Carnival," or Shrove Tuesday. It is the day celebrated by Christians to indulge in excess before Lent and Ash Wednesday occur. The Christian tradition allows for the "eating of rich meals" before Lent fasting begins. Some people give up vices, some people give up meat, some give up alcohol, some give up sweets, and some just party the day away.

Whatever the sacrifice, Ash Wednesday starts the period of abstinence and fasting for Christians. New Orleans is the hub for such indulgences, despite freezing temperatures this year. Today marks the end of twelve days' worth of parades and festivities. The Colts' recent win of the Super Bowl only adds to reasons to celebrate.

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