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Fatal Accident Claims the Life of 13 Years Old Racer Peter Lenz

The USGPRU Racer Peter Lenz met with a tragic accident yesterday whilst participating in a race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Peter Lenz was only 13 years old and belonged to the category of racers aged 12-18 trained for professional motorcycling. Peter Lenz hailed from Vancouver in Washington and had many achievements in the racing arena to his credit.

What happened was that whilst Peter Lenz was racing in his warmup lap before the actual race, he fell off his bike and got run over by a fellow motorist. The other person who ran over Peter Lenz was 12 years old racer Xavier Zayat. Peter Lenz received chest compressions when he was being rushed to the hospital after put on a stretcher.

The Coroner pronounced the young racer dead in the hospital as the trauma endured was far too great for the body and he succumbed to his injuries. The other rider escaped any injuries in the tragic accident.

The family of Peter Lenz posted a message on his Facebook Account reading that they were extremely saddened by the precious loss and were thankful for the prayers and support of loved ones. The family also said that they were praying for the other rider in the accident and his family.

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