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FBI Investigating Messages Sent to Lindsay Lohan

TMZ was first to report that Lindsay Lohan has received a series of harassing phone calls and text messages from an undisclosed source during her stay at the Betty Ford treatment center. Insiders dished that Lohan has gotten a ominous messages regarding her treatment, location, and her family and officials within the rehab center have upped the ante in terms of keeping Lohan safe. Lohan was moved to a private, more secure facility after the person responsible for the messages and calls informed her they knew precisely where she was. Lohan's outings have also been restricted by Betty Ford officials.

Insiders from Lohan's camp suspect Sam Lutfi, ex-Britney Spears handler/love interest, is behind the menacing calls and texts. Sources maintain that not only Lindsay, but also her mother, Dina Lohan, and brother Michael, Jr., have received messages warning them to steer clear of Sam Lutfi and Michael Lohan.

Dina reported to an insider the FBI is "looking into" determining the source of the family's torment.

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