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Federal Communications Commission Expanding Internet Regulation

On December 21, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will expand government authority on the Internet. The FCC will take unprecedented measures to regulate the inner works of the internet and will disregard congressional rulings regarding governmental internet activity. The FCC is blatantly going against President Barack Obama's Justice Department and the Eurpean Commission who rendered earlier this year net neutrality regulation is unnecessary and jeopardize Internet technology and infrastructure.

The FCC will, under the guise of "net neutrality," attempt to regulate broadband "on ramps" Despite heavy opposition to the contrary, the FCC wants to discourage ISP providers from "thwarting consumer demand" to keep the Internet "open and free."
Analysts and broadband companies have advised the FCC of the predictable ramifications of the new FCC rules and expect the FCC's measures will deter innovation, raise operating costs, inhibit present and future capital investment, and increase consumer prices.

Presently, the FCC lacks official Congressional power for Internet regulation. A landmark, Congressional vote in May unanimously determined the FCC needs to allow Capitol Hill to manage the issue of Internet regulation.

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