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Female Doctor Invents Condom With Teeth


A female blood transfusion technician, Sonnet Ehlers, was so fed up of dealing with rape victims that she invented a condom with teeth device that is formally being called the rape-aXe. According to the doctor, she got the idea when a rape victim told her that she wished she had teeth ‘down there” to prevent the rape from happening.

A rape-aXe basically is a female latex condom that is inserted with an applicator, much like the tampon. The condom essentially has “teeth” in order to latch onto the unwanted male organ that tries to find its way inside. The condom cannot be removed by the rapist himself and it’s an extremely painful experience; surgical removal by a doctor being the only option available to the rapist. A major point to be noted here is that the barbs within the condom do not pierce the skin so there is no incidence of bleeding but they are painful enough to stop the rapist from walking or even urinating.

Around 30,000 condoms with teeth developed by Sonnet Ehlers were distributed amongst women in South Africa where the incidence of rape is abnormally high. The condom with teeth, although akin to a medieval torture device, can help teach a lesson to potential rapists.


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