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Fiat 500 With Twinair Motor Gets 57 Mpg

How would you like to drive a gasoline powered car that gets 57 miles per gallon and still has reasonable performance?  The good news is that you now can, as long as you live in Europe.  Fiat has launched a version of the Fiat 500 with a new motor, called TwinAir, that makes a respectable 85 horsepower from only 900 cc of displacement.  Based on EU standards, the Fiat 500 with the TwinAir motor is rated at a combined city / highway mileage of 57 mpg.  The stricter EPA standards used in the United States would still rate it at 50 mpg, on par with most hybrids.

Chrysler will begin selling the Fiat 500 in the United States by the end of the 2010, but there are no current plans to import the TwinAir models.

Source: RideLust

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