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Finally! Pictures of Adele and 8 Month Old Baby Angelo James!!!!

It took eight months since the little chap made his pictorial debut but FINALLY! Pictures of the Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe winning singer Adele and her infant son, Angelo James have been revealed! Ever as beautiful as his 25 year old mum, Angelo seemed to enjoy an outing with a group of friends at the Central Park Zoo on Wednesday, July 16, 2013.

Reports from E! News state that Angelo's little tuft of red hair (just like Adele!) escaped his bucket hat as he and his mum were escorted by a security team through the zoo's exhibits. Angelo, a handful of kids, and of course Adele enjoyed all of the sights the world famous zoo offered from the mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds to even the petting zoo.

Sources say the pair stayed at the zoo for just an hour..likely because of the heat gripping the northeast portion of the U.S.

For more about the outing or to see more pictures, go to E!

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