View random article Launches in Protest of David Letterman has been set up to hold David Letterman "accountable for his disgraceful statements," according to the site's Mission Statement. The site includes a sample protest/boycott letter and a list of "Late Show with David Letterman" advertising sponsors to write to.

Letterman sparked controversy on his show last Monday when he joked about one of Sarah Palin’s daughters getting "knocked up" by Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

The site also calls upon it’s supporters to write, e-mail, or call their local CBS affiliate or local sponsor of the show to let them know they disapprove or will boycott their station or product until David Letterman's show is removed from the station's lineup.

A rally is also to be held on Tuesday, June 16, at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City where Letterman’s show is recorded.

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