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First Superman Comic Sells for $1 Million Dollars

The first comic starring Superman sold for a record breaking $1 million dollars. The 1938 edition of Action Comics Number 1 sold at 10:30 a.m. Monday morning and originally cost a dime. This comic is esteemed as the "Holy Grail of comic books" The cover depicts Superman lifting a car.
The online auctioneer was Stephen Fishler, cofounder and Metropolis Collectibles. A "well known" New Yorker sold the Superman comic and the buyer was someone who had purchased the first Action Comic.
Other comic book dealers have made sales between $317,000 to $400,000 but never for $1 million dollars. The comics were of lesser quality and demand than the Superman No.1 which is rated as "very fine" or "8.0."

The Superman comic was equated to "a diamond or precious stone" in it's rarity. It has been completely "unrestored" and is truly a unique artifact for comic collectors.

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