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Florida Woman Decapitated; Boyfriend Arrested

The crime rate for Florida has been a moderate one so far and authorities are always trying to further bring it down so that the citizens of the United States of America can roam the roads freely at all times of the day. The news of a woman being decapitated in Florida comes as shocking and unbelievable especially when there are rescue squads and police patrol cars at every street.

According to the latest reports, 48 years old woman belonging to Florida was found decapitated and her body severely dismembered. The police have so far arrested the boyfriend of the slaughtered woman and charged him with first degree murder. As per the statement of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, the body parts of the Florida woman by the name of Jan Dunn Keller were found in a garbage can in the home that she shared with her boyfriend.

The 51 years old boyfriend of Jan Dunn Keller, Timothy Dale Rose, has been arrested by the police as they discovered the severed body parts wrapped in a tarp in the garage at their shared home. Jan Dunn Keller was an elementary school teacher and her absence from school led to the discovery of her body parts.

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