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Florida Woman Denies Possession of Drugs Found in Her Pants During Traffic Stop

During a routine traffic stop in Florida on at 12:15 a.m. on Thursday, officials pulled over a Cadillac after noticing twenty nine year old Jessi Clark in the passenger seat riding without a seat belt. As the male driver of the car was being questioned by police, the driver agreed to a search of the vehicle. As officers were checking the Cadillac, Clark "pulled out a piece of paper towel from her crotch" per police reports. Within the paper towel were three Oxycodone tablets and three Xanax.

The officer noticed Clark's behavior and questioned her regarding the pills. Clark adamantly denied possession of the pills and immediately blamed the driver. A portion of the police report maintains that Clark alleged the driver "told her to put it down her pants." The driver refuted that he "had no idea what was down her pants."

Officers did not believe the claims and charged Clark with two counts of felony drug possession. Clark is being held at the Manatee County Jail and did not make the $2000 dollar bond.

To read a portion of the police report, go here: The Smoking Gun

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