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Flying Pasties for Airport Scanner Modesty

Flying Pasties for airport scanner modesty. Michael Luongo, an inventive Las Vegas man, has designed and marketed rubber pasties which, with strategic placement, can keep private body parts covered when travelers walk through TSA scanners within U.S. and international airports. Luongo insists that his adhesive free, 2 mm thick, 100% rubber pasties can be worn beneath clothing and keeps flyers' "dignity in style" with catchy phrases like "Private," "Only my husband sees me naked," or symbols like peace signs or swirls.  Luongo hopes to give religious groups and any traveler who feels TSA scanners invade their privacy, reassurance, freedom from embarassment, and peace of mind.  Critics claim that all the pasties will really do is ensure a frisk of one's groin and/or breasts by airport security. 

Flying pasties are available for purchase for $16.99

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