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Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins on MTV VMA Awards: "They Don't F**king Mean Sh*t"

Drummer Taylor Hawkins of the well loved alt/rock band The Foo Fighters had something to say about this year's MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). And it wasn't G rated. Or even PG. While walking through LAX, tab rag TMZ stopped the 41 year old for a spur of the moment interview in which he spouted: "Who cares? I mean, those awards are nice, but they don't f**king mean shit." His comment followed a question regarding Jared Leto's group, 30 Seconds to Mars, and their off air win for Best Rock Video.

Apparently Leto voiced his disdain (via media outlets like Huffington Post) that his band's win wasn't broadcast on air with his award "deserving a place there" and the concept that rock music is generally "underappreciated." And Hawkins thinks that maybe Leto should worry about far greater issues plaguing life on earth.

Hawkins quipped: "I don't care man. I make a living playing rock'n'roll. I'm not going to complain about anything." He just does his job well with help from Dave Grohl and other bandmates. The Foo Fighters have already completed the material for an upcoming album, recorded the LP for the Sound City film, and have a "little secret" almost ready for it's big reveal.

So, just like Billy Joel said long ago: "It's still rock-n-roll to me." As it should be to Leto and all musicians...

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