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Ford to Allocate Boss 302 Mustangs via Lottery

Ford's recently announced Boss 302 Mustang is said to be the best handling production Mustang ever built. Ford will build them in limited quantities, which raises the question of how to fairly distribute them among all the Ford dealerships in the United States. RideLust tells us that this will be handled in a two step process, with the top 75% of Ford dealerships by sales volume getting 75% of the Boss 302 Mustangs built. Each of these "high volume" dealerships will get at least one Boss 302.

The remaining 25% of production will be distributed among the Ford dealerships not included in the sales volume allocation. Each dealership will get cars according to a lottery systems, with one "ticket" awarded for being a Ford dealer and successive "tickets" being awarded for Mustang sales over the previous 12 months. These smaller dealerships will be allocated a maximum of one Boss 302 Mustang.

What does all this mean? If you want to buy a Boss 302 Mustang, expect to pay a hefty premium over Ford's MSRP.

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