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Ford and GM Sales Rise

Ford and General Motors sales are on the rise. February has consistently been one of the worst automobile sales months in history yet both companies saw huge gains in sales. Sales rose 32% for General Motors and 43% for Ford in comparison to February 2009 sales. Ford even saw "higher sales for every brand and in every product category." Retail sales for both companies also rose: Ford reported a 28% rise and GM reported a 7% rise in comparison to last year's February retail sales.

Ford doubled both it's Fusion model and the revamped Taurus sales. GM doubled the sale of the Chevrolet Equinox and the Buick LaCrosse, and better yet, GMC's Terrain sales tripled. In addtion, Cadillac's SRX sales quintupled.

The huge sales jumps may relate to many factors, beyond the recent Toyota recalls. Ford credits super incentive based programs for car buyers as well as "higher sales for every brand and in every product category" a Ford representative reported.

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