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Forest Fire in Israel Killed 40 People

A forest fire presumably sparked within an illegal dumping ground in the Northern Israeli Carmel forest, near Kiriyat Bialik killed at least 40 people on Thursday, December 2, 2010. Many more people were injured, with dozens of rescuers killed as their bus was consumed by the 800 acre inferno.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rendered the blaze one of the worst and deadliest accidents in the country's history. Netanyahu has ordered the Israeli military to assist in firefighting and rescue attempts and has enlisted assistance from Italy, Cyprus, and Russia.

Damon prisoners were evacuated and relocated within other prisons, as well as communities surrounding the blaze.

Strong winds have impeded any attempts at controlling the fire. The city Haifa is reportedly blackened by smoke. Mayor Yona Yahav issued a statement which read: "There is a fire burning, and we are not in control of these ares. It's a sad day for the country."

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