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Former CIA Chief for Algeria Accused of Rape

Andrew Warren, the former CIA chief for Algeria, is under investigation for allegedly drugging two women before sexually assaulting them and photographing them on two separate occasions. The investigation is being conducted by the State Department's Diplomatic Security Service.

Warren has told authorities that he had sex with the two women, but that it was consensual, according to documents filed in federal court. He also admitted that photographs of the women were on his laptop computer. As a result of this information, a search warrant was obtained for Warren's computer.

The alleged sexual assaults occurred in Algiers, Algeria, at a home leased by the United States government. This fact gives U.S. authorities jurisdiction to conduct an investigation into the matter.

Both women reported becoming ill after consuming alcohol at the house, and claimed to have been assaulted afterward. In one case, the woman sent Warren a text message accusing him of having assaulted her, to which he allegedly replied, "I'm sorry."

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