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Former President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized Due to Complications of Bronchitis

Former 41st President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized within Houston, Texas due to complications resulting from a bout of bronchitis. The 88 year old who served the U.S. as a Navy pilot, congressman, CIA director, Vice President, and President has reportedly been admitted and discharged from The Methodist Hospital for a few weeks as he battled bronchitis which would improve and then worsen alternatively. Bush has been under the watchful eye of Dr. Amy Myunderse who assured his condition is not life threatening and improving though, as she offered in a recent interview: "anytime someone the president's age has bronchitis, there's concern about possible pneumonia."

Bush's most recent admission into the hospital occurred the day after Thanksgiving because his strength had declined from coughing frequently. Doctors have treated a secondary bacterial infection with with steroids, intravenous antibiotics, and physical therapy. Bush's Chief of Staff, Jean Becker, confirmed Mr. Bush is on the mend and will hopefully be discharged over the weekend of December 1, 2012. Becker also confirmed that Bush was visited on Sunday, November 25, 2012 by son former President George W. Bush and his daughter in law, Laura.

Overall, Mr. Bush's health is stable despite two recent hip replacements and a diagnosis of lower body parkinsonism. The once very active outdoorsman has grown to be wheelchair bound and unable to stand unassisted. During an NBC interview with his granddaughter Jenna in June of this year, as he approached his 88th birthday, Mr. Bush offered candid, truthful eloquence regarding aging: "As the summers finish out, and the seas get a little higher, winds a little colder...I'll be making some notes, writing it down lest I forget so I can add to the report on getting older. Who knows, maybe they will come out with a new drug that makes legs bend easier, joints hurt less, drives go farther, memory come roaring back and all the fears about falling off fishing rafts go away."

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