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Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Announces He’s GAY

Ken Mehlman was the head of the Republican National Committee between the years 2005 and 2007 and has come out with his greatest secret whilst in an interview with Marc Ambinder from the Atlantic. According to the previous RNC chairman, he is fiercely gay and proud of it. Ken Mehlman explained at great length how he has become comfortable with his sexual orientation in the interview.

According to Ken Mehlman, it took his 43 years of his life to come to terms with his sexual orientation and that only now he feels comfortable talking about gay marriages and his personal preferences. Ken Mehlman also claims that friends and family members in whom he has already confided were extremely supportive of his stance and accepted him for what he was.

Ken Mehlman plans to be an avid supporter of the Proposition 8, for obvious reasons. In his anticipation for the press conference where his personal preference questions would be levied at him, ken Mehlman decided to make his cause open and came out about his homosexuality in the interview.

It is ironic that when Ken Mehlman headed the RNC, the party was extremely opposed to gay marriages and frequently ran anti-gay marriages campaigns.

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