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Four Loko Ban Spreading From Ohio to New York, Washington State

The blackout inducing caffienated alcoholic beverage Four Loko is under attack by federal offficals from the Food and Drug Administration. Phusion Projects, the manufacturers of Four Loko, and 3 other companies, are subject of a massive federal crackdown on alcoholic beverages containing caffeine. Feds have stated Four Loko's fruity drinks, available with 23.5 ounces of alcohol mixed with the caffeine equivalent of three cups of coffee, is in fact illegal.

Phusion Projects was issued an ultimatum via an FDA letter that warned of the dangers of adding caffeine to alcoholic drinks and declared the beverages "unsafe." Four Loko manufactures have 15 days to respond or their products will be removed from store shelves to the dismay of consumers in Ohio and New York.

Phusion Projects announced on November 13, 2010 that they will reformulate Four Loko and remove the caffeine. In the meantime, vendors of Four Loko are watching the product fly off of the shelves as people are stocking up in preparation for the ban. Beer deliverers will no longer stock shelves with the product as of December 2010.

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