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France's Dominique Cottrez Infanticide Case Worst in History

France's Dominque Cottrez infanticide case worst in history of the country.  The forty five year old mother of two living daughter's has been convicted of "systematically killing her babies since 1988."  Cottrez hid 8 pregnancies and the bodies of her babies from her husband, Pierre Marie.   New owners of a home the couple once shared in Villers-au-Tertre found human remains buried in their garden for over 20 years and informed local police.  Officials report that the first home belonged to Cottrez's mother before the present occupants purchased the home.

Days later, at a second home just half of a mile away, occupants of a second home found the bodies of six more children buried throughout the grounds of the property.

Officials launched an investigation and traced the remains from both homes back to Cottrez and her husband.  Cottrez confessed to kiling ten babies but K-9 units have only recovered 8 bodies wrapped in plastic bags at both residences. 

Citizens of the small town are in shock.  A local man offered to local media: "They are normal people, who even have had a role in the community" as Pierre Marie was an elected town councilman.  A neighbor in his mid 50's claimed that the couple are "attractive, helpful, polite, and courteous people."

Eric Vaillant, public prosecutor, issued a statement stating that "two people, who are the parents of the children, are in custody."  If convicted, Cottrez faces up to fifteen years in prison and will secure the worst case of infanticide in the history of France.

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