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“Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy Kills 41 in Caribbean, Predicted to Hit East Coast of U.S. Sunday

Hurricane Sandy has been dubbed a “Frankenstorm” by governmental researchers and forecasters as it poured over the Caribbean and left 41 dead in its wake. This category 1 storm is predicted to meet with a polar air mass over the Atlantic and is predicted to make landfall on the East Coast of the U.S. by Sunday. This slow moving, massive “Super Storm” has a wind field of 550 miles wide and has caused heavy rain, flooding, and wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. Officials have reported that 26 people in Haiti, 11 people in Cuba, one person in Bermuda, and 40 others throughout the Caribbean were killed by flash floods and landslides as of Friday, October 26, 2012.

Forecasters predict that Sandy will arrive on U.S. shores on late Monday or early Tuesday somewhere along the east coast between Virginia and New York when the moon is full and tide is the highest. Most experts predict that Sandy will be more destructive than any storm since 1991’s Halloween storm. James Franklin of the National Hurricane Center offered a warning during an interview with Reuters: “A large number of folks over a very large area of many, many states are going to experience a significant wind event of strong tropical-force winds to perhaps near hurricane-force winds covering a large area. It’s going to be a long-lasting event, two to three days of impacts for a lot of people.” Many researchers expect the storm will be “catastrophic for the Mid Atlantic and Northeastern states” affecting residents from Virginia to New England. Many communities are bracing for the storm with beach closures, evacuations of islands along the Coast, storm watches, and even a canceled campaign event in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

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