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GE to Buy 25,000 Electric Vehicles

General Electric buys a lot of vehicles. They provide company cars to technicians and management, and GE Capital manages auto fleets for a host of other companies. It makes good sense for GE to push for the incorporation of electric vehicles (EVs)in their fleet, and the company recently announced that 25,000 EVs would be purchased by the year 2015.

GE has more riding on this than environmental impact and potential cost savings. The company also manufactures a level 2 charger called the WattStation; designed for both corporate and private users, the WattStation can reduce EV charging time by up to 50% compared to charging on household current. By encouraging the use of EVs among GE and its partners, the company will certainly accelerate the acceptance of electric cars among consumers. As an added benefit, they'll sell more WattStations, too.

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